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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Facebook Lite Colorful Comment And Posts

In this post you will see how
to Create Stylish Comment,Status and Chats on
Here this is my new blog
for Facebook chat or Facebook comment
or you can keep your group names
colorful. The below colorful codes
work better by using Facebook Lite
can get Facebook lite from play store.
Simply you just have to copy one of your
favorite color code and paste it in chat
in comments with your text like i
going to type bolo bhai  in colorful so i
type it like this <fg=b0ffc0cb>bolo bhai 
<fg=b00b22222>Fire Brick
<fg=b07cfc00>Lawn Green
<fg=b0191970>Midmight Blue
<fg=b02f8b57>Sea Green
<fg=b000ff7f>Spring Green
<fg=b04682b4>Steel Blue

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