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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Mini Militia Pro Pack

Mini Militia Pro Pack

Most oon as you go near him.
If the enemy has a flamethrower
get very close the enemy. The
flames wont affect you that
A very good way to take on a
sniper is to go close to him
such that he is visible in your
screen and plant a mine
somewhere near you. Stay
clear from his line of fire.
Now the natural tendency of
the sniper will be to move out
and charge towards you. And
trust me he will fall for the
mine as it is almost impossible
to locate mines with 7x zoom.
When two opponents are
fighting, just grab the machette
and cut both of them down .
Check your fuel before
jumping in. Go to settings > configure > and activate the 2x option. Now you can have a wider view while playing.

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