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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Find Your Lost Device Through Find My Device

Lost your Android Phone? Don't worry just follow these steps to find it or Delete all data
Smartphone nowadays have surely become an integral part of all our lifestyle. Every smartphone consists our very own important data as well. Now suppose you got to be having an android smartphone but unfortunately you lost it. Now anything could happen as your phones consists your private information which could cause major threats to you. Like you saved your bank details into your smartphone and now if any your phone got into the wrong person than he/she could easily empty your bank balance using your smartphone. So just to overcome this kind of situation we are here to provide you a series of steps either to find your phone or to delete all the data that is on your smartphone remotely just sitting from home alone. But there are some of the terms & conditions before starting to find your phone must be fulfilled.

Lost phone must be ON means the thief should not had switched it off.
You have logged in any google or gmail account in phone.
Phone must have an active internet connection either from mobile data or from any open Wi-Fi.
Phone's GPS should be ON in order to track the phone location.
Find My Device feature of the phone has to be activated.

Now after you fulfill all these above 5 conditions you can start the hunt for your lost android smartphone. Firstly, you need to go to website from any computer. Then, simply login here using the same email which you logged in to your lost smartphone. After you login you will be able to see Google Maps along with your device. You can now easily see the location of your device on the Google Maps. Now there you can see an option clicking on it your device will start ringing either it will be on silent mode. Aside from ringing option you will also see an option to either lock or show a message on the phone screen. Thirdly you will find last option aside from it only that will ask you to delete all data of your smartphone. And clicking on that option will wipe all your mobile data instant.

So this was just a simple procedure to either find or delete your lost smartphone data. Now if you found this helpful then do please follow, like and share us as much as you could just to support us. Once again thanks a lot friends for reading our article

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